Danielson Therapeutic Massage Pain Management Wellness Center

Danielson Therapeutic Massage Wellness Center

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What We Offer

Visit Danielson Therapeutic Massage Wellness Center for effective treatments on chronic or acute muscular pains due to injuries and accidents. We also offer various massage therapies to make you feel invigorated. Our center is located in Danielson, Connecticut.


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$75 for 60 Minutes

We specialize in sports and deep tissue massages which help reduce chronic pains and improve range of motion (ROM). This treatment targets the upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders, legs, and plantar fasciitis.


$75 for 60 Minutes

Piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscles or muscles in the buttock region cause spasm and buttock pain. This syndrome can also cause irritation to the nearby sciatic nerve and pain, numbness, and tingling in the leg and foot.

Facial Massage

$45 for 40 Minutes

In this relaxing massage, we apply a gentle touch to reduce wrinkles, headaches, and sinus pressure.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

$45 for 30 Minutes

$55 for 40 minutes

This treatment involves light holding of the skull and sacrum. CST works with natural and unique rhythms of our different body systems to pinpoint and correct source problems. This therapy is perfect for people suffering from pains due to shoulder tension, headache, and stress.

Swedish Massage

$60 for 60 Minutes

$80 for 80 Minutes

Light to medium movements are applied to relieve tension and stress. Various techniques such as gliding, kneading, as well as effleurage and warm friction are utilized to release tension and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

$65 for 60 Minutes

$105 for 90 Minutes

Especially beneficial for physically active individuals or those with tense muscles, this massage focuses on specific problems using heavy pressure and other techniques that work deeper into the fibers of your muscle.

Chair Massage

$1 per Minute

Perfect to take during lunch breaks, this massage is performed on a specially designed chair where you will remain fully clothed. This treatment targets your head, neck, arms, shoulders, and middle back.

Lulu’s Signature Massage

Combined With Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

$75 for 60 Minutes

Great for athletes, this treatment increases speed through improved muscular efficiency. It also prevents sports injuries, maintains the good condition of the body, and restores injured tissues.

Hot Stone Massage

$85 for 60 Minutes

$125 for 90 Minutes

This treatment utilizes themotherapy to promote a deep relaxation and healing experience. Heated stones allow stress and tension to melt away. This massage also promotes healing within the body by enhancing the blood flow and bringing oxygen back into the area.

Foot Reflexology

$45 for 30 Minutes

This treatment is based on the principle that every part of the body has a corresponding reflex area in the feet and hands. It stimulates the body's healing process in a natural way.

Head and Neck Massage

$45 for 35 Minutes

This technique involves medium or light compression. It focuses on areas with knots like the rhomboid area as well as major and minor muscles. Additionally, this treatment improves circulation and reduces stress.

Prenatal Massage

$85 for 60 Minutes

$120 for 90 Minutes

Designed for pregnant women, this massage uses specially designed body techniques to reduce tension and discomfort.

Couples Massage

$210 for 60 Minutes

$245 for 90 Minutes

Spend quality time with your partner and enjoy our rejuvenating treatment for couples. For this service, we require you to call in advance for an appointment.

Pediatric Massage

$45 for 30 Minutes

Help children deal with their physical symptoms and emotional discomforts. For this treatment, we accommodate children who are at least 12 months old.

Infant Massage

This massage therapy is for babies who up to 12 months old. We also offer private or group instruction classes for new parents. Take part in our four 45-minute sessions for only $125.

Special Offer

To show our gratitude and appreciation to men and women in the military and law enforcement, we offer special discounts on Swedish or deep tissue massage. For only $39, you’ll enjoy 45 minutes of revitalizing massage that targets your neck, shoulder, upper back, and lower back. This offer is only available for:

  • Active Duty Military Members and Their Spouses
  • Firefighters

  • Police Officers
  • Reserve/National Guards

  • Retired Military Members
  • State Correctional Offers

Please show your state or federal ID at the time of appointment.

We also have gift certificates available. Contact us for details.

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